Your support will be acknowledged with a letter verifying our 501(c)(3) status for tax purposes and appreciation for your support.

All donors who have or will donate $100 or more to the Memorial will have their name included on the Wall. A new list of donors who will have their names placed on the Wall was begun on 1 May 2009. The etched, stainless steel panel which includes the names of donors up to 1 May 2009 has been produced and installed on the Memorial Wall.

Donor names received after 1 May 2009 will be added to the Wall when sufficient names are received to constitute a new panel.

While the Memorial Wall has been completed and was dedicated in May 2005, the “working party” devoted to the Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument has continued to make improvements to the site. In 2007 a walkway was installed on the south boundary of the grounds at a cost of $14,000. A request in 2007 to previous donors returned $9,000 to the fund. Plans for additional improvements will include an area with panels which will tell the visitor to the site what the Memorial is about. It is estimated that this new site will require an additional $7000. Grounds maintenance, replacement of the 60 flags atop the Memorial Wall, liability insurance, and incidental expenses required to keep the Memorial a respectful and presentable will require continued receipt of donations. Please note that none of the veterans working on the Memorial and the boats receive compensation. They receive reimbursement for expenses involving paint, brushes, cleaning supplies, and other Memorial maintenance related materials but nothing for their time and labor.