Visit the Wall


The Vietnam Unit Memorial is open for all who wish to visit.

Advance arrangements must be made for escort of non-DOD personnel to visit the Vietnam Unit Memorial Monument. These arrangements can be made through the links on this web site (SBSA, MRFA and Gamewardens of Vietnam) or by calling any of the individuals listed below.

Swift Boat Sailors Association(PCF):

Paul Murphy (619) 781-8483
Don Farrell 760-633-1634
Ben Cueva (619)-235-0919 
John Howell (619) 697-8258
Bob Bolger (619) 421-3335
Virg Erwin (858) 487-6183
Lou Hahn (619) 423-5140
Tom Mason (858) 274-2745
Ken Poole (760) 920-9435
Bill Zondorak (858) 453-7428
Ken McGhee (619) 464-4047

Gamewardens of Vietnam (PBR):

Roy Adair (619) 435-5235

Mobile Riverine Force Association (CCB):

Ben Cueva (619) 235-0919